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The Use of Psychology in Casinos

A lot of gambling is about luck, getting the right card at the right time or the roulette wheel giving you the number you bet on. Yet many still believe it’s all about having the right strategy, knowing when to cash out your winnings before you lose them all on the turn of “just one more” card.

From the perspective of the casino, however, it’s not a case of waiting for people to make that decision, it’s a case of trying to keep people there for longer or trying to get them through the door in the first place. While sites like Two Big Ladies, the bingo comparison site, can direct people to the best online offers; casinos have to use different tactics to get people through the doors in the first place and the key to this - even if the players don’t realise - is psychology.

One such example of how they do this is by ensuring that there are no windows and no clocks. If you’ve ever been to a casino before you might have noticed this, but you may not - you’re not there to check on the time or what the weather’s doing after all. By removing these, players tend to lose track of time and how long they’ve been gambling, meaning they’re more likely to stay and try for that big win they’re craving rather than heading home at 11pm or once the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Smells have also been used in various casinos around the world, around slot machines for example. If you’ve ever watched a movie which features a casino, you’ve probably seen someone sat on a bar stool at one of these machines pulling the handle with one hand and eating something with the other. By placing these machines near the restaurant or with a subtle smell that makes you hungry, the casino management are trying to make their customers hungry so that they stay for longer, eat their dinner and continue to place their bets.

The bright lights and ‘playground’ look and feel of many casinos is also no coincidence, it’s a psychological attempt to make the players have fun and to get them excited. If they see bright neon lights and relaxing music they’re much more likely to be in a relaxed state going in search of excitement and all that comes with it - meaning the probability of them staying around in the casino and trying the different games, putting bets on and winning or losing is much higher.