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Formula 1 Racing

Formula 1 is considered to be one of humanities most exciting sports in which man unites with machine to form pace excellence. While the start of F1 racing began before the 1930’s, the first world championship ignited its flames in 1950 at Silverstone. During this time, eager drivers bought and raced their own cars which had to comply with a certain formula, which gave rise to the name of the sport as we know it today. When big car companies took an interest in the sport, branded cars such as Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and Maserati began to compete.

The sport grew in popularity; however the element of danger threatened its existence. With F1 roots starting at 13 drivers killed within first decade, the future of the sport remained uncertain. Over time, the technology within F1 cars increased, and so the danger of competing decreased along with it.  The cars started to contain amplified safety aspects and precautions, to insure ultimate driver protection. While cars have become much faster over time, the risks involved have become almost minimal.

This brought the popularity of the sport to an all time high, allowing it to become the 6th most popular sport in terms of fan viewership in the world. However, today’s F1 fans have the option to not only view the sport, but also to take part in online sports betting and online pokies in Australia or anywhere where sports betting is allowed. Fans stand the chance to win real money while watching their favourite racers, and to improve their odds of winning by researching betting odds, results and much more.

F1 provides the platform for excellent sporting entertainment for sports betting sites and online casinos. Not only do viewers experience all the pleasures that racing has to offer, but can also take part in the action with F1 online sports betting.