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Why Is Poker So Popular Around the World?

It seems like every country on earth has poker in one or more variations and since it evolved naturally from several similar games, it really isn’t any wonder why it is one of the most popular card games to be found. But, that still doesn’t explain what it is that is so compelling and why some players work very, very hard to become international champions. Here are a few points which are evident just by reading an onlinegambling review. You will find what players have to say about the game itself, what they love about it and why they started playing it.

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A Game of Strategy

Many people liken poker to a card game version of the board game, chess. Poker is a game of strategy in which you not only need the ‘luck of the draw’ but need to beat other players in strategizing the next move. Are you going to hold or get dealt again? Is the guy to your left bluffing or does he really hold a great hand? With the cards in your hand should you shoot for a straight, a flush or a straight flush? Poker is the very best game to combine strategy and luck and this keeps it exciting for players.

Multi-Player Game

Unlike a lot of other online games, poker can be a multi-player game in which you are playing against other real players. There is one virtual dealer in the room but there may be a complete table with live players there in real time. Most online poker games have a chat feature in which you can learn something about the people you are playing with. Poker is more than an online gambling outlet; it is a social event when played in a room with other players even if it is a virtual room. Those players are really there somewhere in cyberspace!

The Stakes Can Get Very, Very High

When playing poker, the stakes can get very, very high. Just look at the world championship games and you’ll see that some players make many millions playing against other pros. Yes, amateurs can play online and win very large prizes but once you reach the pro stage of your game, it gets very challenging and very lucrative at the same time. It’s just as much fun to call virtual players as it is live players sitting at table with you but the only real difference is that you can’t read their facial expressions unless you are playing video poker.

As one of the most popular games on earth, and actually the most popular card game, there is always going to be an online casino where you can go play to your heart’s content. You may need to leave a minimum deposit to get into the game and you might need to wait until the room you want to enter is cleared a bit, but once live in the game it will become your whole focus. Why is it so popular? As a player, you know the answer to that, don’t you?