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How to use your no deposit bonus

A no deposit bonus is as simple as that, in which you get a free bet (bonus) from signing up to an online betting site. This therefore comes across as “free money” to players and enables them to engage in many different kinds of betting on the sites such as sports betting as well as arcade or casino. They are usually small free bets such as £10-£20 and must be turned over several times to enable the customer to withdraw the money. There are many different betting oddson sites available to players on sports, arcade and casino.

Check the requirements

There are of course many requirements in place such as the maximum cash out amount available and the wagering requirements in order to do so. In many cases the free bet may only be available on one specific platform such as sports betting. The withdraw amount is normally very high such as £200-£300 which must be turned over from a £20 free bet until it can withdrew. This is in place so that they are not continually ‘giving’ away free money to customers.

Optimise your number of bets/ Test out a few games

Budgeting your bonus over a variety of games and stakes is a good way of enabling you to get as much out of the bonus as possible. For example if you were able to get around 40 spins from a bonus this would be a good target to aim for. Optimisation allows you to decide how much you are staking on each spin so for example it would not be wise to stake the entire bonus on one spin. By budgeting on spins you are able to look over the site and bet on several different games and sports. Different bonuses and offers will be given on different sites so if you are looking to use a bonus on a specific game then it is always best to search through the many different offers available.

Have fun

It is of course difficult to win large sums of money from a no deposit bonus and there is no secret strategy that can be implemented. However the bonus is risk free and is a good way to get a grasp on certain games or ways of betting without the risk of losing your own money. It is also good for more experienced gamblers to try out a new website. The biggest tip which can be taken from any (gambling article) including this, is to have fun. It is just a hobby for most so it needs to be made as fun as possible and people should always gamble responsibly. If at any point you are not having fun gambling, then take a step back and return at a later date if you so wish. Your winnings or balance will remain in the account until you return always.