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Want to know how to make the most of the bonuses and promotions that the different online casinos offer ? spills the secrets of exactly how you can do! A case study published by the showed the following scenario that utilizes the optimal strategy to leverage your casino deposit to your advantage. This technique works in all online casinos not only . This is what happened to a customer "ideal" in this case study:

1 . Please read all casino bonuses and promotions page . This sounds like common sense , but it is important to read the fine print. Many casinos offer a special terms of Service page for each individual casino bouns . Casinos make their money by "giving" a promotional bonus and requiring you to gamble on long enough so that in theory you lose your initial deposit and the bonus amount . This requirement is called the " play through requirement " . Knowing the play through requirement and the odds of the game you are going to play are important. Because if you can find a casino that offers a quality requirement together and high enough bonus you could (in theory) make money for as long as you are eligible for the bonus.

Two . He emailed us and made sure that bonuses applied at other CWC platforms did not deny him a bonus . In the case of other casinos , you have to be careful because there casino sites " sisters " who operate under the same business platform . When this is the case , you may not be eligible for the bonus if you were granted a bonus on their other casino site " sister." Always send customer service. They will tell you . If not , then do not play there. Also, if their customer service takes too long to get with you then do not play there. Acceptable waiting times vary between individuals . In my case , I'm not willing to wait more than 24 hours of customer service to get back with me. In the event that you are eligible for all of our bonuses regardless if you currently a player at another CWC casino . CWC Many casinos are taking different stands on if they allow U.S. players to play on their sites. You will need to check with each one yourself.